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          "The Hand on the Plow"

                                Luke 9:51-62


There is an urgency in Jesus’ conversation with us. The day
is drawing near for him to be “taken up,” which--taken
literally--means taken up to heaven by way of the
cross. His face is set toward what awaits him in Jerusalem,
the events which transform our understanding of God. So,
we might sympathize with his persistence and frankly,
insistence. He says that the work of discipleship will be
hard, sometimes meaning a lack of creature comforts. Our
mission in Christ will outweigh human priorities; even
the tending to family challenges may have to be
delegated. The Gospel will require focus; you cannot plow a
field when looking backward. I particularly like that last
image, which most of us in the country can grasp. (Today
Jesus might say something about those who get behind the
wheel and text!) The good news of course is that Jesus is
walking with us, sharing the burden of steadying the plow,
guiding us in the field. He does not leave us to the field
alone. The crop yield is amazing. 


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