Godly Play

currently on hiatus DUE TO COVID-19

Godly Play is for children ages 4-9 and meets each Sunday morning during the school year (September-May) beginning at 9:45 a.m. in the education wing of the Parish Hall. The class will meet during the 10:00 a.m. worship and children will be brought into the church for Holy Communion.



The Godly Play classroom surrounds each child with the language of the Christian people – parables, sacred stories, the symbolic materials of liturgical action and meditative silence. When children enter the classroom, they will do so with reverence and then they will gather in a circle and eagerly wait as the storyteller selects the story of the day. After hearing the story, they will reflect on what they hear through a time of wondering and individual responses using crafts, poetry, journaling or other actions, followed by a feast time where they will share a snack. The session will conclude with a special time to say goodbye. The process of each session subtly follows the order of worship that children are experiencing in Church (enter, hear the word of God, respond in prayer, feast/Eucharist, depart) making their worship experience more familiar as they grow in their faith.




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