Lay Ministers Schedule

Our Diocesean Glossary defines a Lay Minister as "a person who is not ordained, but who works closely with a church or religious program ..." Our Outline of
Faith also tells us that the first order of ministers in the church are lay persons and that they are to "... take their place in the life, worship, and governance
of the Church." The Lay Ministers at St. Mary's do take their place in the life of the church and play an important part in each and every aspect of our
congregation. Thank you to every person serving in a Lay Ministry at St. Mary's.


To view the schedule for Lay Ministers, please click below:
Lay ministers are scheduled by the rector while covid measures are in place.  
Please contact father Bill if you are interested to serve!




Please note: If you are unable to serve at your scheduled time, it is your responsibility to contact someone to fill-in for you or to trade with you.

If you have an emergency that prevents you from doing so please contact the church office at 512-556-5433 or contact us at

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